Frustration is a thing of the past with the EV cable reel

The rapidly-growing market for electric vehicles is one that has huge potential. It’s a market that requires innovation and development.

EVEGON is a young, dynamic and innovative company that was created when forces were joined with EV-Reel, manufacturers of the EV cable reel. We provide what the electric driving market demands: EVEGON innovates, develops and manufactures products that make electric driving even better than it already is.

EVEGON is the exclusive distributor for the patented EV cable reel and together with EV-Reel, we ensure worldwide availability. We are constantly looking for functional and innovative solutions that increase the ease of use of electric vehicles.

Electric driving is good for the environment, EVEGON makes electric driving even better!

What is the EV cable reel?

The EV cable reel is a modern, innovative product that was created by paying good heed to market requirements. Research has shown that the majority of electric vehicle users find that using the charging cable can be extremely cumbersome. The generally heavy and dirty electrical cable is often entangled, which can cause coil formation. Many users find the electric charging cable unhygienic: a loose cable lying on the ground often leads to dirty hands and a good deal of frustration. What’s more, a separate charging cable takes up a lot of valuable trunk space.

Points of sale EV cable reel

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