Where is the EV cable reel manufactured

The EV cable reel is manufactured in the Netherlands in accordance with strict ISO guidelines. Only 100% recycled material (PPC45 G20 E45) is used for the production of the EVEGON cable reel, with the exception of the fibreglass and the chemical coupling

Does the EVEGON cable reel fit into my trunk?

The EV cable reel fits into any trunk which has a height of at least 38 cm between the bottom of the trunk and the parcel shelf. In practice, this means that only very small vehicles, such as a Smart, are not included in this category.

How does the EV cable reel stay in place inside the trunk?

The docking station has been developed for all trunks with a flat bottom that are covered with so-called needle felt fabric. The EV cable reel’s docking station has 2 strips of a unique Velcro (hook side), which adhere well to the floor covering. For vehicles without interior trim, double-sided tape is sufficient (not supplied as standard).

Do all EV plugs or cables fit on the reel?

All charging cables up to 7 meters fit on the EV cable reel. The only requirement is that the plug on the side of the charging point, must be of a type 2.

Is the reel supplied with cable?

Cable is not supplied with the EV cable reel. Our resellers can provide reel and cable as a package.

I would like to offer the EV cable reel in my webshop or store. What are the possibilities

You can send your request to us via info@evegon.com and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options.

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